A Social Network Users' Bill of Rights

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Social media services like this reached critical mass based on an important promise: that we, the users, choose what to share and who to share it with. But Facebook and some other leading services have been breaking that promise. Terms of use are no protection at all. We need a Social Media Users' Bill of Rights.
-- Jack Lerner and Lisa Borodkin, We, the users, May 19

Earlier that week, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Mark Sullivan of PC World also proposed bills of rights. Clearly, there's something in the air! And with Facebook sparking a broad discussion of social networks and privacy, CFP's perfectly timed to develop the idea.

Over the course of the conference, there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss the idea of a bill of rights for social network user -- in person in San Jose, and online. Thursday night, we'll draft a candidate version, and ask for help translating it into different languages and posting it on Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo!, Orkut, Buzz, and elsewhere for discussion. At the Friday afternoon plenary, Professor Dorothy Glancy will lead some final discussion and voting.