A Social Network Users' Bill of Rights

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It is up to each and every one of us to insist on our online rights, whether by voicing protests or building communities with services that respect our rights. Remember: We are the Web.
-- Jack Lerner and Lisa Borodkin, We, the users -- Facebook Users' Bill of Rights, May 21

That same week in May, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Mark Sullivan of PC World also proposed bills of rights (1, 2). Clearly, there's something in the air! And with Facebook sparking a broad discussion of social networks and privacy, CFP's perfectly timed to develop the idea.

Over the course of the conference, we'll collaboratively draft a proposed Social network users' bill of rights and circulate it broadly for discussion and feedback. Panels like Privacy and Free Speech: it's good for business, Privacy choices online, and Can an app do that? will give plenty of opportunity to explore the underlying issues; we're also adding a session to focus specifically on the bill of rights (probably on Tuesday afternoon).

Thursday night, we'll finalize the wording, and ask for help translating it into different languages and posting it on Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo!, Orkut, Buzz, and elsewhere for discussion. At the Friday afternoon plenary, Professor Dorothy Glancy will lead a session of debate and voting, streamed live over the internet with a Twitter backchannel.